Bohemia, enero 1959, segunda parte páginas 40-49

  • Posted on 17th February 2008


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  1. Hi Connie,
    Many thanks for beginning to publish the second Bohemia of 1959.
    I am looking forward to the publication of the ramaining pages of this issue which contain the continuation of the interview with Angela Alonso.
    I must tell you I have found out that this particular Bohemia is even more difficult to obtain than the previous one – at any price-.
    I have also great interest in reading the issues from the Casa de las Americas magazines, which as you know are also choke-full of the regime’s amazing deeds thorughout the hemisphere.

  2. Hi Alfred,

    Thanks for your note and your visits. I wish I could post this material more quickly, not just 10 pages at a time. It is just me and my little desktop scanner. The rest of life tends to interfere. I will post the entire 2nd half of Bohemia— I’m glad I have it to share and preserve. This coming week’s portion has the famous Consuelito Vidal ad “Hay que tener fe que todo llega”.

    The Casa de las Americas issues— It would take me an enormous amount of time to scan completely, so please feel free to suggest articles that you see in the table of contents that I have posted already, and that I will post soon. The next batch will be the complete set for 1967.


  3. I am looking for a Bohemia issue that shows Raul Castro with Col Jose Luis Canizares and his wife on the cover, while Raul is getting the Moncada in 1959. Can you help?

  4. Celeste,
    Lo siento mucho. Solo tengo los dos primeros números de Bohemia del ’59.